Clean energy comes home to the Amazon

The irony of the Amazon, often known as the lungs of the world, being choked by smoke from diesel-powered generators may soon be at an end, as Brazil plans to develop the use of renewable energy in the region.

Warming shrinks prospects for mammals

Fossils from around 56 million years ago warn of the dwarfing effect that dramatic global warming can have on mammal species.

How Electric Cars Can Help Save The Grid

How Electric Cars Can Help Save The Grid

A key question amid the consternation over the current state of Australia’s east coast energy market has been how much renewable energy capacity to build, and how fast.

Human rights row threatens gas pipelines

Campaigners are calling for European banks to pull the plug on the controversial Southern Gas Corridor project due to Azerbaijan’s human rights record.

How Extreme Heat Could Cause Animals To Shrink

How Extreme Heat Could Cause Animals To ShrinkMore than 50 million years ago, when Earth experienced a series of extreme global warming events, early mammals responded by shrinking in size.

China takes fresh approach to pollution

A new scheme that pumps filtered air into homes aims to improve life for people in urban China and reduce global emissions of carbon dioxide.

Forests key to mitigating climate change

Drought and unsustainable practices are placing forests at risk, yet they are crucial to the reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions that fuel global warming.