Nitrite pollution puts warming waters at risk

Nitrite pollution caused by rising temperatures is changing the chemistry of coastal waters, threatening more algal blooms and zones devoid of fish.

Why Earth will never freeze over

The discovery of a biological mechanism that halts rapid global cooling suggests the Earth can protect itself from a complete deep freeze.

Warming slowdown dismissed by top scientist

Much of the public and scientific discussion around a slowdown, or hiatus, in the rate of global warming has been misguided, says prominent climatologist.

Drylands will suffer if world reaches 2°C

Subtropical drylands heat up far quicker than humid climates, so the global temperature must be kept below the 2°C target to avoid serious consequences.

Free bicycles reducing pollution in China

Innovative bicycle schemes in China and India are tackling chronic air pollution problems and congestion by encouraging people to stop using cars.

Surface of Antarctica swimming with water

The network of rivers, streams, ponds and lakes across Antarctica has been mapped for the first time, and the extent of water flow is phenomenal.

Brazil slashes environment budget

Drastic cuts to the environment ministry of Brazil and the approval of anti-environment laws will jeopardise the country’s fulfilment of the Paris Agreement targets.

Make our soil great again

Make our soil great againMost of us don’t think much about soil, let alone its health. But as Earth Day approaches, it’s time to recommend some skin care for Mother Nature.

NOAA Is Still Lacking an Administrator to Lead Agency

We’re 12 weeks into the Trump administration and there’s a glut of nominations President Trump has yet to put forward. Many are crucial to having a functioning government and setting the priorities for their agencies.

Early Heat Wave Bakes India, Sign of What’s to Come

Temperatures across northern India, including the capital New Delhi, are set to soar well above 100°F (37.8°C) through the weekend and into next week thanks to a pre-monsoon heat wave that has set in somewhat earlier than normal.