Jeff Sessions' DOJ Backs Ohio's Black Voter Purge


Republicans keep talking about voter fraud to distract from the fact they are committing systematic mass voter fraud. How long are Democrats going to let Republican cheat? Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. 

"In yet another reversal of a previous Justice Department stance on voting rights, Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ DOJ has weighed in on a pending Supreme Court caseregarding Ohio’s practice of purging inactive voters from its rolls.

The department argued in an amicus brief that Ohio’s voter purges, which have disproportionately hit Democrats and African Americans, are lawful. That’s the opposite of what the DOJ under Attorney General Loretta Lynch said about the case last year.

“Among other things, accurate registration lists are essential to prevent[ing] voter fraud,” the brief asserts.

Ohio is fighting for the right to send notices to any voters who miss two federal elections inquiring if they have moved, passed away or become otherwise ineligible to vote. If the voter does not respond and continues to miss federal elections, he or she then would be removed from the voter rolls.”*

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