Death Not Prosperity Predicts The Top-rated Presidents

Eileen Reynolds, New York University
When two politics professors compared how historians rate presidents against the number of Americans who died in wars…

Trees Are Much Better At Cooling The Climate Than We Thought

Hamish Gordon and Cat Scott, University of Leeds
The pre-industrial atmosphere contained more particles, and so brighter clouds, than we previously thought. This is the…

How Climate Changes Are Doubling US Forest Fires

Paul Brown, Climate News Network
New study finds that man-made global warming is the root cause of a relentless increase in forest fires in the US.

What's In A Name? How A Democracy Becomes An Aristocracy

Sandra Field, Yale-NUS College
Is there something about the deep logic of democracy that destines it to succeed in the world? Democracy, the form of…

Evidence Shows Preschool Teachers Keep Closer Eye On Black Boys

Bill Hathaway, Yale University
Sophisticated eye-tracking technology shows that preschool teachers “show a tendency to more closely observe black…

Why Biofuels Turn Out To Be A Climate Blunder

John DeCicco, University of Michigan
Ever since the 1973 oil embargo, U.S. energy policy has sought to replace petroleum-based transportation fuels with…

Why Conflict Of Interest Is Such A Problem In Investigating Police Shootings

Stanford University
A new study highlights problems with how many law enforcement agencies handle officer-involved shootings.

There's No One-size-fits-all Solution For Great Teachers

Gerald K. LeTendre, Pennsylvania State University
Most of us know the difference a good teacher makes in the life of a child. Many global institutions working to improve…

Cotton Farmers Profit From Simple Steps To Help Pollinators

Sarah Cusser, University of Texas at Austin and Shalene Jha, University of Texas at Austin
Cotton is the world’s most widely grown and economically important nonfood crop. In the United States alone, farmers…

The Military Says Climate Change Is Eroding Our National Security

David Titley, Pennsylvania State University
In this presidential election year we have heard much about some issues, such as immigration and trade, and less about…

How Kids Divvy Up Candy Reflects Their Culture’s Values

Kate Becker, Boston University
New research may explain why American children resist their parents’ instructions to share.

How England’s Fee For Plastic Bags Is Working

Cardiff University
A fee for plastic bags has led to around 90 percent of people in England taking their own bags with them for…

West Coast Toxic Algal Bloom Is Tied To The Pacific’s Warm Blob

Hannah Hickey, University of Washington
The unprecedented West Coast toxic algal bloom of 2015 appears to be linked to the unusually warm ocean…

Biased Expectations Can Sink A Female Manager's Chances

Milenko Martinovich, University of Florida
Gender bias can influence how supervisors view a manager’s long-term potential, a new study shows.

Why Giving Most People Responsibility For Their Pensions Is A Disaster In The Making

Patrick Ring, Glasgow Caledonian University
Even the Bank of England’s chief economist, Andy Haldane, admits to “not being able to make the remotest sense of…

When Climate Catastrophes Strike, Who Foots The Bill?

Carolin Schellhorn, St. Joseph's University
Hurricane Matthew has slammed into the Florida coast after hammering Haiti. Close to 2 million people were asked to…

Why Meritocracy Doesn't Make Society Fairer

Ye Liu, King's College London
At the core of Theresa May’s reasons for lifting the ban on new grammar schools in September was, the prime minister…

How El Salvador Became The Murder Capital Of The World

Sabine Kurtenbach, German Institute of Global and Area Studies
The number of refugees in Central America has reached a scale not seen since armed conflicts tore the region apart in…

Why The Paris Climate Treaty Races Towards A Hazy Future

Alex Kirby, Climate News Network
The far-reaching Paris Agreement on tackling climate change is close to taking effect − but how just how effective it…

Why Insurance Companies Control Your Medical Care

Christy Ford Chapin, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
It’s that time of year again. Insurance companies that participate in the Affordable Care Act’s state health exchanges…

How Wells Fargo Encouraged Employees To Commit Fraud

Elizabeth C. Tippett, University of Oregon
Over the course of four years, at least 5,000 Wells Fargo employees opened more than a million fake bank and credit…

Why The Pace Of Climate Change Is Too Hot For Crops

Tim Radford, Climate News Network
New study shows that the speed of climate change is now much too great for grassland species of vital food crops to…

Like Reagan's Welfare Queen, Calling Low-income Fathers Dead-beats Is Also A Myth

Bert Gambini, University of Buffalo
Some policymakers and elected officials, including President Barack Obama, have publicly criticized impoverished and…

Are Central Bank Digital Currencies A Revolution in Banking?

Ellen Brown
Several central banks, including the Bank of England, the People’s Bank of China, the Bank of Canada and the Federal…

The US Economy Is In Desperate Need Of A Strong Dose Of Fiscal Stimulus

Christian Weller, University of Massachusetts Boston
Despite six years of “recovery” from the Great Recession, America’s middle class still struggles financially amid…

The US Has Blurred The Lines On Assassination For Decades

Luca Trenta, Swansea University
The UN secretary-general, Ban Ki Moon, is set to open a new investigation into the death of former secretary-general…

The Irony Is We Humans Dominate A Planet Beyond Our Control

Nicholas C. Kawa, The Ohio State University
It’s becoming increasingly commonplace to suggest that humans now dominate the planet. Earlier this year the…

Why We’ll Need a Universal Basic Income

Robert Reich
Imagine a little gadget called an i-Everything. You can’t get it yet, but if technology keeps moving as fast as it is…

Five Films That Will Help You Understand The Modern Arab World

Shohini Chaudhuri, University of Essex
A number of catastrophic events have afflicted the Arab world in recent years. Western news reporting and Hollywood…

Cuba's Schooling Success Rests On Culture, Inclusion And Social Participation

Clive Kronenberg, Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Tania Morales de la Cruz, a professor of education at Cuba’s University of Matanzas, recently visited South Africa for…

Can Trump Create Millions Of Jobs? Don't Bet On It

Jonathan Lipson, Temple University
Donald Trump claims he should be president in part because he has succeeded at creating jobs and businesses.

The Climate Warnings Are Being Masked By Self-Serving Propaganda

Paul Brown, Climate News Network
Leading scientists say most people remain unaware of the truth that climate change is a stark reality now and will…

How Oregon Became the Easiest Place to Vote in America

Lornet Turnbull, YES! Magazine
Charles Tso is an urban planner who moved to Portland, Ore., from California more than a year ago. An avid biker, the…

Why There Is More To Climate Action Than Putting Carbon Back In The Land

Martin Rice, Macquarie University and Will Steffen, Australian National University
Just as people pump greenhouse gases into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels, the land also absorbs some of those…

Welcome To The New Feminism – Where The Aim Is To Gross You Out

Zoe Strimpel, University of Sussex
Vaginas are so hot right now. If that sentence shocks you, then you’ve been out of the cultural loop.

Why Dementia May Not Be As Great A Burden As Once Feared

Roger L. Albin and Kenneth Langa, University of Michigan
It is a truism that aging of populations will result in large and potentially unmanageable increases in the number of…

How To Spot Climate Change Happening In Your Garden

Rebecca Darbyshire and Snow Barlow, University of Melbourne
Spring arrives and the warming weather encourages the plants in our gardens and parks to burst into life, commencing…

Can Solar Power Outshine The Infrastructure Challenges?

Super User
As the country pushes ahead with renewable energy goals, the challenges facing the grid are substantial, but not…

Record High To Record Low: What On Earth Is Happening To Antarctica's Sea Ice?

Nerilie Abram, Australian National University; Matthew England, UNSW Australia, and Tessa Vance, University of Tasmania
2016 continues to be a momentous year for Australia’s climate, on track to be the new hottest year on record.

What Drives The Lone Wolf Attacker?

Randy Borum, University of South Florida
In recent months, lone offender attacks – sometimes called “lone wolf” attacks – have regularly populated news…

How The Jim Crow Internet Is Pushing Back Against Black Lives Matter

Nicholas D. Mirzoeff, New York University
Police killings of African-Americans on social media have become the visual hallmark of our time. This decade will be…

US Military Warns Of The National And International Climate Security Risks

Alex Kirby, Climate News Network
Senior military figures in the US warn of national and international security threats posed by the impacts of climate…

Superbugs Evolve In Waste Water, And Could End Up In Our Food

Serena Caucci, United Nations University
We are heading into a post-antibiotic era, where common infections could once again be deadly. A phenomenon known as…

When It Comes To CEO Pay Congress Is All Hat And No Cattle

Super User
Last week, Congress engaged in a bipartisan barrage of CEO bashing.

Earth Could Reach Critical Climate Threshold in Decade

Nadia Prupis, Common Dreams
The planet could pass the critical 1.5°C global temperature threshold in a decade—and is already two-thirds of the way…

Drones, Surveillance, Population Control: How Our Cities Became A Battleground

Feodora Hamza, Open Democracy
A new kind of warfare: how urban spaces are becoming the new battlefield, where the distinction between intelligence…

Addicted To Oil: US Gasoline Consumption Is Higher Than Ever

Lucas Davis, University of California, Berkeley
August was the biggest month ever for U.S. gasoline consumption. Americans used a staggering 9.7 million barrels per…

Are The Current Impacts Of Climate Going Unheeded?

Tim Radford,Climate News Network
New scientific studies address lack of awareness of the adverse economic, social and biodiversity effects that climate…

50 Million Sessions Show Why Uber Is So Popular

Mark Peters, University of Chicago
Economists used data from almost 50 million Uber sessions to figure out just how much customers are benefiting from the…

Food Supply Fears Spark China's Intercontinental Land Grab

Paul Brown, Climate News Network
With the impacts of climate change threatening food supply as population grows, China is buying land on other…

What Exactly Is Terrorism, And Is It Getting Worse?

Frederic Lemieux, George Washington University
A bomb exploded in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan on Saturday, injuring 29 people. Police discovered a second…

New Confirmation Solar Cycle Not To Blame For Global Warming

Tim Radford, Climate News Network
New research confirms that increased greenhouse gas levels − rather than solar radiation impacts − are the key factor…

How The American Online Sex Trade Continues To Thrive

Loretta Stalans, Loyola University Chicago and Mary Finn, Michigan State University
America has always had an underground sex trade, and for decades most pimps followed the same general script: they’d…

Why Youth Worldwide Fear A Lack Of Economic Opportunities

Usman W. Chohan, UNSW Australia
What is the one thing that makes young people everywhere the most anxious? According to the Global Youth Wellbeing…

Will Market Forces Overcome Lower Crop Yields From Climate Change?

Tim Radford, Climate News Network
As global warming cuts crop yields, trade liberalisation in agricultural commodities will be needed to avoid food…

Whose Job Is It To Protect The Arctic?

Elizabeth Kirk, Nottingham Trent University
In August 2016 the 13-deck, 1,000-passenger Crystal Serenity set sail from Alaska to become the first cruise liner to…

Weaker Unions Have Also Cut Nonunion Paychecks?

Gerry Everding, Washington University in St. Louis
A dramatic decline in the density of US labor unions since the 1970s has resulted in lower wages for both union and…

What We Have In Common With Corals

Alejandra Hernandez, James Cook University; Roisin McMahon, The University of Queensland, and Tracy Ainsworth, James Cook University
Ever had a gut feeling that you have something in common with a coral reef? Well, you do. Both humans and corals rely…

How Homeschooling Is Changing In America

Kyle Greenwit, Michigan State University
As children head back to school, an increasing number of their homeschooled peers will be starting their academic year…

Why A World With Inequality Everywhere Is An Economic Threat

Thomas Clarke, University of Technology Sydney
There is growing evidence that inequality is increasing not only in Australia but internationally within the advanced…